Powerlifting Templates


Powerlifting Templates

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These training programs have been developed by

Dr. Jared Skinner (biomechanics), an elite powerlifter with over 10 years of powerlifting specific training experience from beginners to world record holders.

The effectiveness of any successful training program relies heavily on commitment, consistency, and execution of the plan. The ABCStrong templates are a series of semi customizable training templates that provide a structured 10 week training plan that is easy to follow; but also prevent unnecessary frustrations and complications.  These programs will challenge athletes from start to finish.

We offer three (3) training templates that are tailored to the abilities of each athlete. Each template was developed around progressive linear periodization; a systematic approach to progression that optimizes performance and limits the chance of injury.


  • Hypertrophy

    • The (hypertrophy) template is good choice for athletes at all levels of experience. Hypertrophy refers to growth, specifically skeletal muscle. Hypertrophy training is one of the main ways to elicit larger muscles and connective tissue adaptation from resistance training.  The primary focus of this template is to increase the volume and intensity in a progressive manner that is sustainable and challenging. Increases will be made in size, strength and work capacity. 

  • Strength

    • The (strength) template is best suited for athletes with intermediate to advanced experience with resistance training. The particular program is primarily designed to enhance your foundational level of strength. Although hypertrophy is not the main focus of this particular template, with proper diet a noticeable increase in muscle mass is likely to occur, as well as increase in work capacity.

  • Peaking

    • The (peaking) template is the most specific and advanced template of the series. This template is designed to maximize your current level of strength, more so for in preparation for a powerlifting competition or to be done at the end of a training cycle. Although, this program is seemingly simple in design, proper execution and manipulation of intensity and volume has been the focus of a great number of academic sport science investigations.

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